What You Do On A Leadership Retreat

We design and facilitate leadership programs and management retreats according to your needs and aspirations. Beginning with a series of in-depth conversations with yourself and your key people, we learn about the dynamics in which you operate.

Then we create a unique retreat choreography that will give you the greatest value for the precious time you and your teams take away from your other responsibilities.

Leaders often tell us after a retreat that they didn’t realize how much the whole team needed this reflective and renewing experience. They're often amazed how people come back to their work – and even to their personal lives - with new enthusiasm and energy.

24 things you'll do on our retreats:

  • Create new mind maps
  • Discover your multiple intelligence profile
  • Formulate your personal life centering stories
  • Fashion a strategic plan for your growth
  • Learn and practice the art of coaching
  • Learn to use mind enliveners and intuition enhancers
  • Reflect on personal and collective values
  • Explore appreciative inquiry
  • Focus on your core competencies and strength
  • Examine priorities and perceptions
  • Relearn the art of listening
  • Learn to receive and give feedback
  • Learn about your teamwork inclinations
  • Engage in building trust
  • Ask new questions and begin new conversations
  • Discover the freedom of pushing the envelop and thinking outside the box
  • Engage in one-on-one exercises and specific scenario work for small and larger groups.
  • Play energizing games
  • Enjoy and have fun
  • Journal
  • Take in new perceptions and awareness
  • Go on experiential adventures
  • Practice facilitative methodologies
  • Celebrate together

We customize retreats for executive teams, boards of directors, managers and high potentials groups. Call or write to us to find out about a leadership retreat for your team.

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