The Need to Reflect

Just a few centuries ago, most people lived on farms or in agricultural communities. The yearly cycles created a rhythm to life, and the seasons took care of people's balances. When the fall moved into winter it was a quiet time to reflect before springtime activity returned.

Now today in our 24/7 fast-paced life, we have created a breed of people - and a breed of executives - who suffer the imbalances of lots of action with little or no time for reflection.

We see the sequences and consequences of this all around us, in dangerously multiple ways:

Personal Consequences Company Consequences
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Burn Out
  • Health Problem
  • Loss of Motivation
  • Loss of Commitment & Loyalty
  • Accidents
  • Loss of self esteem
  • Missed Opportunities & pessimism
  • Undirected and Unused Energy
  • Falling Levels of Satisfaction
  • Ineffective Communication
  • Misunderstandings & Conflicts
  • Loss of Productivity
  • Deteriorating Service
  • Diminishing morale & focus
  • System Failures
  • Corporate Ethical Breakdown
  • Decrease in creativity
  • Absenteeism
  • Unstable Workforce

And the list goes on.

Now this may sound simplistic, but taking time to reflect may save your staff from many of these syndromes that we are witness to all the time.

The Benefits of Reflection

The benefits of developing a practice of reflection are exponential. What’s the ROI on a retreat for reflection? Ask Bill Gates, who takes now-famous twice yearly week-long retreats to think, read and reflect “and not do email.” During these times of reflection, Gates has come to some of his most important realizations and revelations, including the need to focus Microsoft on the Internet – almost missing the boat – and later, making the shift to refocus on security and trustworthy computing.

All true learning and transformation begins with reflection. Most people though, are not disciplined or experienced enough to do it on their own; they don’t know how to start a practice of reflection. Few executives could design for themselves an effective leadership retreat. This is why we are seeing the return of facilitated leadership retreats - and our retreats go beyond words. We help you find the zone of reflection -the place of discovery, empowerment and growth.

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