Are you too busy to go on a retreat?

The new frontier beyond the information age and the knowledge economy is the field of imagination and creativity. We are entering this new epoch now. Are you ready to re-envision yourself anew inside it?

The "Being Busy" Identity

The "Being Busy" identity is an industrial-age mindset – one that needs to be put to rest.
If you are caught up in working long hours, producing large quantities of work, you may be ignoring greater opportunities.

How about stepping back to think clearly with new intelligence? How about elevating above the 10,000 feet ceiling of everyday paddle-to the-mettle operation to take a strategic look of your life and business?

Managers often use “I am too busy” as an excuse for not doing something they should be doing. For some it is an excuse for not forward thinking and planning properly. For others it is a way of avoiding an inner reflection or being afraid to listen to their intuition or to see the change that's coming.

From Hard to Smart to Creative

In the industrial age it seemed like working hard was all that was required. Then with the onset of the information age and the knowledge economy it was all about working smart. In the 21st century even these are no longer certain routes to success.

In the global economy hard work and smart work are still needed, but what is much more critical is intelligent, imaginative and creative work. With millions of workers entering the manufacturing and service sectors in Asia, both hard-work and smart-work will continue to be outsourced in a fiercely competitive market.

To thrive in the new times you must learn to become a better leader, both of yourself and of others. Working 60-80 hour weeks is not always the best way to be a "top producer”. You need strategic thinking, clear planning and precise project management - and you need to re-imagine yourself.

Leadership Retreats are the opportunity to step into a zone where the question is not ‘Are you busy?’, but rather ‘Are you effective?’ Ask yourself, 'Am I using my time in the most meaningful and creative way? Do I work and lead intelligently?' The world is full of busy people, but it is clearly lacking in quality leaders capable of generating new visions and creating significance.

We invite you to take time out, to contact us – and reposition yourself towards the next great opportunity that life is ready to offer you.

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